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Very interesting to see similar developments in Germany and Japan regarding ICT service output productivity per hour. Could be that SMEs who are world leading in manufacturing in their tiny niche find it difficult to go outside their core competencies of hardware manufacturing and digitalize their business? Would be interesting to see how various industries compare, e.g. with the UK becoming more de-industrialized and service focused, how are the remaining manufacturing SMEs doing compared to similar industries in other countries? Also updating/unifying legacy systems is HARD, there are large companies who couldn’t unify legacy systems of their subdivisions and basically gave up on it… It may change via no-code software development solutions/customization simple enough for small companies to pull off without a dedicated IT department. Or whoever finds the holy grail of easily customizable software with all the diverse functions needed across industries would make a killing selling this solution… The fact nobody has yet does not really spark optimism though.

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